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5 dishes you can’t miss on your trip to Thailand

You won’t fall in love with Thailand only because of its paradisiac beaches or beautiful temples… its gastronomy will definitely steal your heart! To be hones, when I first arrived in Southeast Asia I did’t know what I was going to find, what to really expect…

After reading dozens of posts about the food and all kinds of stories, recommendations, tips like:

* “Don’t eat the food they sell at street stalls, you can have a baaad time!” or…

* “Don’t hesitate to eat at street stalls, you will not find better food there”

* “Becareful with fruits and anything that goes through tap water, it can cause stomach ache” …endless! Even contradicting each other; the reality is that every single experience is a different world, we have different food habits and our bodies processes it differently, doh! It’s up to each one to decide what to do! But my only advice is: COMMON SENSE!

Thai Food

First of all, if they are about to buy in a stand or shoop that which looks dirty, not properly taken care of, the vendor is using the same knife to cut raw meat and veggies, etc! I mean, anything you see strange, you better start looking for another place to have a snack! Remember. Common sense is the key!

Once you overcome and process your hesitation and prejudices get ready to enjoy! Thai food is definitely one of my favorites, completely different from what I am used to… (Pasta lover here!) Its flavors, aromas… really get you! Rice, chicken, fish, all kinds of curries, soups and spicy! Everywhere, everything, spice it up!

Keep in mind that most of the restaurants located in the touristic areas often contemplate that guests may not be used to that level of spicyness, therefore they will prepare their dishes a little softer. However, remember that if you want something NOT  spicy they should clarify (several times) before ordering.

Tip! When you ask if something is spicy and they answer “just a little”… well, it’s just a little from their perspective so it would be at least in a mid range of spicyness?

Now! What we all were waiting for! FOOOOOD! These are my 5 dishes favorite dishes with a quick review of each.

  • Pad Thai

    Pad Thai

    I’m 100% sure that this is the most popular and the one that you certainly heard about somewhere. I know… a “very touristy” dish but for me without doubt is the best I tried: has a little of everything, noodles, vegetables, egg, chicken, tofu, a magical sauce and you can even you can order it with shrimp … and most important of all (for me at least) it’s not spicy at all! So, if you have just arrived to the country, I recommend you start with this one as a first step into Thai’s gastronomy.

  • Khao Pad

    Khao PadVery similar to Pad Thai, but with rice instead of noodles, although usually served with beef, you can also order it with chicken, pork or shrimp. Keep in mind that this one may be a Little bit spicy… depending on the place you order it.

  • Satay


    It is nothing more and nothing less than chicken skewers, but obviously Thai style! Served with peanut sauce and some slices of cucumbers and onion.

  • Thai salad

    Thailand Salad

    Thai salads usually come with minced beef, noodles or seafood as the main ingredient, also lime, fresh herbs and other vegetables… there aromas are just wow! Keep in mind that many places sell them as side dish but you can certainly order them as main course. Tasty!

  • Pad See Ew

    Pad see Ew

    Although it has some Chinese influence it’s a very popular dish in Thailand among locals. Consists of fried noodles, garlic, egg, beef (chicken or pork) all covered with soy sauce. You will also find the option, as in almost every dish, of adding seafood.


    All food deserves a sweet dessert and this ain’t be the exception!

  • Mango Rice

    Mango Rice

    The typical Thai dessert and the one that surely will find in every single menu. You can’t leave the country without trying it, believe me! These are mango slices with sticky rice and sesame seeds, bathed in coconut milk. Exquisite!



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