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USA is a huuuuge country! With so many things to do… the list just never ends, I cannot tell you the many times I have visited the country and never stop visiting incredible new places.


There are affordable prices in most destinations plus the convenience of being able to rent a good car and drive at your own pace and the variety of gastronomic offers at good prices make this country a great attraction for tourism.

Why do I say affordable prices “in general”? Cities such as New York where´s even difficult to find accommodation at reasonable (not even budget) fares! A hotel that maybe in Orlando we pay 50 USD per night, in NY, I can assure you it will be more than double. Therefore, if you go to The Big Apple, prepare yourself to adjust your accommodation budget considerably. Looking for alternatives, many choose to stay in surrounding neighborhoods such as Queens or Brooklyn: if you don´t mind the subway journey to go to Manhattan, these will be a great option to reduce costs.


What if we talk about Las Vegas? Strip Ave. hotels are luxurious and quite expensive, but in my opinion, they are worth every single buck! Your world twists as you enter and walk through the Casinos! It´s like visiting different cities and countries from one moment to another! Hey! Of course let´s remark that many of them organize pool parties during summer and host top events. Although the entrance to the Hotels and its Casinos is free (except for the area of rooms and places only for guests), spending a night in classics such as the Caesar Palace or the Bellagio should be out of question.


Not a fan of the endless landscapes nor cities? Beaches or mountains? National Parks? Disney World? …no? Well, USA is undoubtedly the shopping marketplace by far! Where the chain “Premiun Outlets” is the star (remember this name) first class brands such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel or Armani among others sell products from previous seasons or discontinued at excellent prices, also the classic as H&M, Zara, Levis… there are for all tastes and budgets. * Check its website for discount coupons!! *

Here I´m leaving the guides on the different places you can visit and lots of tips!

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