The kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia is a country you can’t miss if you visit Southeast Asia. Especially Siemp Reap, where each place you go may find some lost temple. And of course its wonderful people, always willing to help you with a smile. Read More

The magical island of Bali

Bali is a magical place, full of culture and amazing landscapes. And of course beautiful beaches with special spots for surfers. Here i tell you my experience and give some tips. Read More

What to do in Singapore

Singapore is a place that surprised me, in a good way. Modern and tidy, is a country has a lot to give. Take a look to my experience! Read More

Exploring Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where you can go to trekking through the jungles, enjoy beautiful beaches and get into the indian, chinese and malay cultures. Yes! too much things to do. Ready to go? Read More

Thailand, from South to North

From the beautiful beaches of southern Thailand , through the chaotic Bangkok, to the peaceful Buddhist town of Chiang Mai. Thailand has much to discover. Let me tell you my experience in this amazing country. Read More

Hello Tomorrow

Skycrapers everywhere you look, expensive cars, luxury hotels, the best and most exclusive brands that you can find and of course!…beautiful beaches. A place well worth doing more than a stop. Read More