• bali
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    Having Breakfast in Bali: Get ready to be impressed!

    In Bali, getting used to asian food (real asian food, not the Deli we are used to eat) it’s an experience worth mentioning! Spicyness everywhere, colors, flavours… If are you one of those who are used to have simple breakfasts with just some toasts and a cup of coffee, get ready to be impressed! If you thought you could pump up your mornings only with coffee in Bali, you are wrong… well, at least according to the balinese way: There are two main breakfast menus which are served everywhere: Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng… this is soup bowl with fried noodles (mie) or fried rice (nasi) with chicken, eggs and…

  • Mexico
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    Que viva Mexico!

    Mexico, a colorful and vibrant country, full of good people with incredible ancient sites, heavenly beaches and the most important thing… delicious food! Who doesn’t like Mexican food? Is there really anyone? Who does not have a Mexican restaurant near home? I do and it’s one of my favorites, although to be honest, you will not know the real Mexican food until you get there and realize the real spicyness. Prices in Mexico are generally quite cheap, especially food, you will find many fruits, vegetables, rice, corn and avocado! Of course the cheapest places just like everywhere ese in the world are the Street stands. But … Advice: Not suitable…

  • New York
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    How to make the most of New York

    New York, that city… icon of thousands of movies and series, full of glamor, charm and sophistication, a place which fascinates peopled decade after decade and of course I’m not the exception. From the first day I walked on the island I completely fell in love! I’m already going for my third trip to the city and I would visit it millions of times as NY is one of those places that keeps the “magic” of the first time as well as something new to offer, a museum, a festival, a piece of cheesecake in a little trendy bar or even a picturesque little street that you never paid attention…

  • Louvre
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    How to visit the Louvre and not lose your mind trying

    The Louvre… the most famous and the biggest museum in the world! Its collections cover thousands of works of art and ancient artifacts from all corners of the planet and from all possible eras. The place has hundreds of square meters, infinite rooms, corridors, stairs, even with a map it´s impossible not to get lost… and all this without taking into consideration the multitude of people that arrive every day, which makes it more difficult to find the place we are looking for! Imagine that on a “normal” day about 35.000 people visit it, sometimes reaching more than 40.000! To be honest, it´s humanly impossible to go around the museum…