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Bled and its surroundings


The real postcard of Slovenia! Look wherever and we will always find the photo of Lake Bled! This location is iconic! Drawn from a fairy tale, its lake is crystal blue, the small island in the middle with its Church, castle on top of the hill, surrounded by mountains and even a ski slope during Winter!

Nothing will “waste” your time while in Bled! My recommendation is to take the time walk (or ride) all the way around to the lake (approximately 6km)… it seems a lot, but once you start the road you do it without almost realizing it! The lake ring has a pedestrian path with different piers, docks and petit beaches! Endless spots to take pictures, one more beautiful than another! Along the route we will find the castle, which can be climbed by using the pedestrian path: caution! Hundreds of steps ahead! Or… if they are with car, the street will take you right to the Castle’s gates where you will find a parking lot.

The inside is nice, but nothing impressive… But the views! Amazing! This will add some sense to the 10 euros entrance fee. There’s this lovely terrace where you can grab a snack enjoying the magnificient scenery. In addition, there are some local wine shops and typical products and even a small museum. For those who don’t wish to enter the castle, don’t be discouraged! There are a couple of viewpoints that can be accessed for free! Although I have to warn you that the climb can become a bit hard for moments…

`The most recommendable is called “Mala Osojnica”, you can find the access path very close to the camping área. I recommend you to go prepared, with shoes that don’t slip or … if you don’t count of hiking shoes be extra careful as the way may be muddy, with rocks and quite steep. Don’t forget to bring water, especially if they go in Summer! Once up there the view is spectacular, in my opinion the best you can find! Seeing the lake with its small island, mountains and castle in the background is something magical, totally worth the effort of the climb. You will also find a wooden bench right at the top, to be honest people use it more to take cute photos than to rest!


Another MUST of this town is to visit the island with its small church! The visit itself is free but transporation is around 12 euros round trip! You can go sailing on board the typical boats called “Pletnas” or rent a boat or kayak! If you dare you can swim to it! Yes swimming!! I have heard from several people who have done it, if the water temperature allows it of course!

In summer the lake is ideal for bathing, and swimming is the free and healthy way to get there. A last recommendation for your adventure in Bled, don’t miss the sunset in this magical place, the scenery and the colors are unbelievable!

Vintgar Gore

Definitely a must see, just 4km from Bled, you will find The Gorge of Vintgar Gore, one of the most beautiful natural areas of Slovenia; very easy to reach! For those who go by car, there’s a *free* parking lot just at the park’s entrnace. For 1.6 km you will follow the Riverside through a narrow wooden walkway and hanging bridges, in order to appreciate the impressive galleries and waterfalls. What a majestic emerald color!

The tour isn’t monotonous at all, during the whole hike you won’t stop to be amazed and certainly will want to stop to shoot countless potos! Once the way is finished, a staircase leads to glorious Šum waterfall of about 25 meters in height! Although the water is cool, in summer you usually see many people taking a bath!
The best way to return is just following your previous steps! If you go in high season, July and August, I recommend you to go early, as son as the park opens… I was told that they queues can get loooooong.

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