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    How to visit the Louvre and not lose your mind trying

    The Louvre… the most famous and the biggest museum in the world! Its collections cover thousands of works of art and ancient artifacts from all corners of the planet and from all possible eras. The place has hundreds of square meters, infinite rooms, corridors, stairs, even with a map it´s impossible not to get lost… and all this without taking into consideration the multitude of people that arrive every day, which makes it more difficult to find the place we are looking for! Imagine that on a “normal” day about 35.000 people visit it, sometimes reaching more than 40.000! To be honest, it´s humanly impossible to go around the museum…

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    Tour into the best Churches in Rome

    Along Rome there are dozens of churches, bigger, smaller, opulent or modest… but every single one has something to show. They truly are museums, a piece of history and home of the works of art created by world famous artistas. Moreover, find your way to the Catholicism reliquis and treasures just like The Chains of St. Peter, pieces of Jesus Christ cross, the Spine Crown , papal clothing, etc. To be honest, none of the will waste your time… on the contrary! However, it´s almost impossible to visit all of them in one trip; that´s why I am listing the best I could appreciate. Needless to say, I´m dedicating a…