Thailand, from South to North


Thailand is one of those countries that when you are planning a trip, in this case in to Southeast Asia, you cannot skip from the list… all the opposite! You will add to the itinerary without hesitating! Within its vast […]

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Exploring Malaysia


Malaysia is a country where you can go to trekking through the jungles, enjoy beautiful beaches, get into the indian, Chinese and Malaysian cultures and even try a variety of delicious national and international foodie specialties. Yes! Too many things to do. […]

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Bangkok, The Big City

Bangkok was my last destination during my Southeast Asia trip, on contrary to most travelers! After spending a week in the peaceful North of Thai, another one in its southern paraside-like beaches… getting to Bangkok was a hell of a […]

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Chiang Mai, The Rose of the North

Chiang Mai is a city full of history, founded more than 800 years ago as the capital city of Lanna´s Kingdom… that´s why you will be able to please your eyes with architectonic jewels almost everywhere! Contrary to Bangkok, Chiang […]

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Before getting to Penang, I´ve read many things about it, good and not so… but as I counted on some free days, why not giving it a chance? It will be a massive change for the travellers coming from Kuala […]

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What to do in Singapore

This Little country south of Malaysia got its independence just about 50 years ago and in that short time made giant steps ahead of its Asian neighbors: with a roadrunner alike economy growing, Singapore populated the whole island with skyscrapers, […]

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