• England
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    England, you got me!

    Many times I visited England, and I can assure you that I would never get tired of going back. Every city, every town, no matter how small it is, has something to show us. From London, which I have to admit … is one of my favorite cities in the world going through Windsor, the home of the royal family, so far I don’t visit any place in this country, which I did not like. And that is why England really deserves more than a few days in London. I know it is impossible to do everything in one trip, but if you have at least one extra day in London,…

  • Germany
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    Knowing Germany

    Germany, a country with hundreds of places to visit, from awesome cities like Berlin, going through stunning castles, beautiful lakes and even small towns taken from a fairytale, just take  the “romantic route” and get lost. The list is very long, as I always say ,impossible to cover everything in one single trip, that is why Germany always invites you to came back. Touring it is pretty easy, with excellent routes, famous in the entire world for not having speed limit, renting a car, can be a good option, specially to go across the famous routes like the “Romantic” or the “Castles” one, but otherwise the Public transport is very…

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    Top 5 beaches in Algarve, Portugal

    Portugal is still a great stranger for many, but it is becoming more and more popular on the tourist map, and at least I never thought to find such paradisiacal beaches in Algarve, with crystalline waters, surrounded by cliffs and rock formations making an incredible scenery. Some more accessible than others and many of them are only accessible from the sea… swimming (for the bravest) or kayaking! You will find dozens of rentals along the entire coast or … even going full Indiana Jones-style through the cliffs is another choice, but I can assure you that every hidden cove is worth it. Most are very close to each other, so…

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    What to do in Prague in 3 days

    Prague definitely is Europe’s golden girl… I just don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with this city: A place that always comes out in magazines appearing within the most touristic and must-go destinations since years. As it’s said, seeing is believing! I must confess that I firmly agree with most of the opinions, Prague is really a city of fairy tales that enchants anyone who passes by. Unfortunately, as everything in life it has some downsides, right? One of the first things I’ve heard before going is that it’s a super cheap city *1 EUR pints woohoo!* (Not), however, it may have been in a distant time but…