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A visit to Cologne

Located on both sides of the Rhine River, Cologne is one of the biggest cities in Germany.
It was turned into ashes during WW2; city´s reconstruction lasted several years with architects taking into consideration its medieval style in their master-plan.

Beautiful picturesque streets and paths…. Get lost contemplating the architecture of the colorful houses, grab a cold one, try some local food and enjoy the culture and history you are surrounded by.

What to do?

Cologne Cathedral


MUST! This is Cologne main touristic spot, located in the heart of the city and one of the most impressive buildings in Germany. Truly a masterpiece!

With its gothic style, evil gargoyles and a stunning attention to detail, Cologne´s Cathedral is without hesitation one of my favourite ones in my trip around Europe.
By the way, there´s no entrance fee! So take your time to tour on the inside.

Don´t miss the Dom during the night! With all the lighting, rises from the city as huge skyscraper.
Walk along the Hohenzollern Bridge and appreciate the view: Cologne´s postcard just in front of your eyes.

Melaten Cementery


If you are looking for something different, Melaten Cementery may be an option. Vegetation gives the graves, statues and mausoleums an interesting landscape… Many of them count as magnificent works of art.
The place is big enough to spend an hour walking around, perfectly taken care of with several benches to rest.

Flora und Botanischer Garten Köln


Flora is a lovely botanical garden 3km away from downtown, easily accessible by train (train station Zoo/Flora – Stadtbahn line 18) and free entrance… a MUST while visiting Cologne.
Had a great time, a beautiful sunny day… walking in these gardens full of colorful flowers, exotic plants, trees, lakes with lotus flowers. It was my special spot to relax! Don´t miss it!



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