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England, you got me!

Many times I visited England, and I can assure you that I would never get tired of going back. Every city, every town, no matter how small it is, has something to show us. From London, which I have to admit … is one of my favorite cities in the world going through Windsor, the home of the royal family, so far I don’t visit any place in this country, which I did not like. And that is why England really deserves more than a few days in London.

EnglandI know it is impossible to do everything in one trip, but if you have at least one extra day in London, do not hesitate to dedicate it to some of the beautiful cities nearby, like Canterbury, Oxford, Windsor or even Cambridge. The public transport is excellent and you can do these tours in a day or if you want to be more comfortable and have a couple of friends to split the cost, renting a car is a good option, it will give you the freedom to stop where you like… I can assure you, on the way you will want to stop many times to take pictures.

A place called Canterbury

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A visit to Th Royal home

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