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Exploring Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where you can go to trekking through the jungles, enjoy beautiful beaches, get into the indian, Chinese and Malaysian cultures and even try a variety of delicious national and international foodie specialties. Yes! Too many things to do. Ready to go?

Traveling around Malaysia is very easy and there are options for all. The easiest way is of course to take a plane, it will help you to optimize more your time, the low cost airline Air Asia is the most popular in the area and brings together many destinations! Same with Malaysia Airlines, although a bit more expensive. Almost every State have their own airports with projects to build several more.

Another option is to take the train, Malayan Railway has a railway network of more than 2.000km throughout the country, even connecting with Singapore and Thailand! According to your budget, you can choose between deluxe trains, second class or third class. This company has tickets valid for 10 and up to 30 days with unlimited trips within the Malaysian peninsula and Singapore.

Finally, the last alternative is the bus, even though slower, there are several night bus services in order not to spend (waste) all your day traveling. The tickets are always bought at the stations or even on the same bus before getting in, this is why I recommend always to bring some cash.

Here I’m leaving a guide of the places I visited and some important tips to keep in mind.


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Kuala Lumpur

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