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Having Breakfast in Bali: Get ready to be impressed!

In Bali, getting used to asian food (real asian food, not the Deli we are used to eat) it’s an experience worth mentioning! Spicyness everywhere, colors, flavours… If are you one of those who are used to have simple breakfasts with just some toasts and a cup of coffee, get ready to be impressed!


If you thought you could pump up your mornings only with coffee in Bali, you are wrong… well, at least according to the balinese way: There are two main breakfast menus which are served everywhere: Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng… this is soup bowl with fried noodles (mie) or fried rice (nasi) with chicken, eggs and veggies. Caution: Spicy!

Papaya? Yes, papaya, pineapple and bananas are the basic sides that you will ALWAYS get with your breakfast of choice. Along with shrimp crackers of course!


In a nutshell, you are just landed in Bali with your idea of morning meal and… BOOM! Nasi Goreng is served with your Caffe Latte! Yes, probably you will have your eyes wide open for the rest of your day!

These two options are delicious! I promise you won’t regret trying them!

Usually most hotels/guest-houses have breakfast included in the fee, if not, just start walking around (Monkey Forest Ave. for example) and you will see that the menus have several options to offer!


Keep in mind that every option comes with a choice of coffe/tea/milk + sliced fruits + fruit juice.

However, if you decide to keep it the usual way, of course there are options… but maybe not as the way we are used to. For example:

Continental Breakfast: If you expect a room full of treats fresh from the bakery, muffins, cakes, ham and cheese… Yes, what CONTINENTAL should mean! I believe that you are going to feel quite disappointed as in Bali these choice will get you… *drums* *drums* …a bread basket with toasts, butter and jam.

Hey! Remember the +tea/coffee+fruit slices+juice! It’s something, huh?

Another popular western breakfast would the SPECIAL one! Here you are wow, what’s special about it? Actually, not much… You will get a single pancake (filled with banana or pineapple or cheese) and honey/syrup.

The third option is the AMERICAN BREAKFAST, with scrambled eggs with sausage & bacon or ham & cheese slices.

(Not so) important tip: Keep in mind that Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng are spicy options, as most balinese food! So remind your waiter if you would like it without.


Personally I have found indonesian food to be delicious, getting to know dishes that I have never seen before, new spices and fruits everywhere! Even on the side of the roads you will encounter opportunities to try new food.

IMPORTANT TIP: I believe you have already read about my 23847984 warnings regarding tap water. But here it is one more time!

  • Tap water is NOT suitable for drinking.
  • When ordering fruit juice, drinks, etc… it’s better to avoid ice.
  • When eating fresh fruit and veggies take into consideration that they are (obviously) washed with tap water. Boiled/grilled veggies are a safer choice!

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