Italy, I love you


How not to fall in love with Italy if it has absolutely everything? Mmm I could say it’s in my … Top 5 favorite countries I have ever been to! Many times I’ve been there,  when you feel comfortable in a place no matter how many times you go, how many times you go through the Colosseum, how many times you cross the Ponte Vecchio, it will never stop surprising you.


People are so warm and friendly, willing to help every time, although the vast majority don’t speak Spanish (even less English), one way or another they make themselves understood: Italy isn’t only wonderful for its landscapes but also for its people…. Not to mention the food!! I firmly believe I should dedicate an entire post to la pasta della nonna… Delicious pizzas, with every possible topping combinations and pasta… for fans of pasta like me this is paradise! Lasagna, ravioli, gnocchi, all day looooong.


As for transportation, getting around Italy is quite easy… it has very good motorways for the ones who love the convenience of driving by themselves consider that the tolls are quite expensive. Anyway, there are always cheaper options, Trenitalia and Italotreno Railways unites the whole country, and when I say this I mean it! Even the most remote town has its train station. Purchasing tickets in advance will be cheaper than at the last moment but don’t worry… every station are packed with easy-to-use vending machines in case you get there at the last minute.

Finally! A guide to every place I have visited:

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