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Knowing Germany

Germany, a country with hundreds of places to visit, from awesome cities like Berlin, going through stunning castles, beautiful lakes and even small towns taken from a fairytale, just take  the “romantic route” and get lost. The list is very long, as I always say ,impossible to cover everything in one single trip, that is why Germany always invites you to came back.

Touring it is pretty easy, with excellent routes, famous in the entire world for not having speed limit, renting a car, can be a good option, specially to go across the famous routes like the “Romantic” or the “Castles” one, but otherwise the Public transport is very good, the trains are excellent and connect almost the whole country, as well as the buses which are cheaper.

Speaking about food, the gastronomy here, is just delicious, it is almost impossible to be hungry after dinner in any German restaurant obviously… accompanied with a good beer, there are literally hundreds of them and in my opinion one of the best in the world, of course, it’s Germany … It wasn’t  going to be any other way!!

Into Berlin

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A visit to Cologne

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