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Lake Bohinj

Only 15 minutes by car from Bled and within the National Park Triglav, this beautiful lake appears, it’s the largest in the country and way quieter and less touristy than Lake Bled… so if you like nature in its purest form, this is the place!
At the foot of the Slovenian Alps, Bohinj is a place almost unchanged by the hand of men. During the summer it is ideal for bathing since the water isn’t usually that cold! Also there are several water activities that can be done.

The park has more than 20 trekking trails, some of which can be taken around the lake. If you go to any tourist office they will provide you with a map with all the routes marked. Keep in mind that in winter many of these roads are usually closed or only accesible for professionals. In the vast majority of these trails you must pay a small sum that is usually between 2 and 5 euros, your “collaboration” with the maintenance of these places.

The 2 most famous routes that start from Bohinj and quite accessible are: the Stara Fuzina Mostnica road, which runs along the river with the same name, this trail follows up the mountain offering unique natural wonders during the 5km journey and ends in a beautiful waterfall.

The other is the one that takes us to the most famous waterfall in Slovenia, although not the largest, called Savica, after about 500 steps, but they seem to be more if the weather is hot enough! But when you get to the waterfall, it is totally worthy of your efforts! Oh! It’s important to highlight the majestic views you can enjoy at the top!

For those who want to see all these wonders from above and aren’t willing to sweat, take all mighty Cable Car “Vogel”, Little bit little expensive in my opinión… 12 euros! Once up you may contemplate the lake from over a thousand meters high!

By the way, during winter there are some ski slopes working.

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