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With its colorful facades, sculptures, even those buildings that cry for an coat of Paint (but still  essential to city’s charm), Ljubljana really lives up to any of the great European capitals, full of art, history, bars, gastronomic offers and even an alternative neighborhood!

The historic center is quite small and you can easily walk all around it, plus it’s streets are all pedestrian.

The main sight is undoubtedly the Castle that dominates the center of the city from above, the hill where it was built with the purpose of defending the empire. Climbing on foot takes time and much energy! If you are short of time or don’t feel to face those hundreds and hundreds of step I recommend the funicular choice! Yay! It leaves you almost at the entrance. You may buy the ticket along with the entrance to the castle, although I didn’t find it too attractive inside, the incredible view of the city compensates the entrance fee.

Another great attraction are its squares and bridges, each with a different stamp! We have the Mestni square, where the Town Hall is located and in front of it the well-known baroque fountain called “Three Rivers”, if we walk a few meters and cross The Zapateros Bridge (which deserves a few minutes, just to see its architecture and the view of the river) we will reach the Stari square where we will find the fountain of Hercules and the church Saint Florian.

If what you are looking for is bustling, Gornji Square is the place! Surrounded by bars and restaurants and with much more “youthful” atmosphere. In the surroundings you will also find the National Library, which is worth a stop to appreciate its beautiful building. The Republic Square is the largest in Ljubljana and is often used for concerts, festivals or cultural events, mostly in the summer. You can check for the next event in any Tourist Office.

Another important place, popular meeting point and heart of the city, is the Preseren Square, surrounded by the imposing pink facade of the Church “The Annunciation of Mary”. Streets on either side of the three bridges, picturesque and crowded, full of bars, shops, street performers, live music… Definitely a must-see of the place!

A good place to grab something to eat and even try typical dishes of Slovenia is the Vodnik square, where the central market is placed. You will find everything! From fruits, vegetables and fish to flowers and plants! Prices are cheap cheap! The Slovenian specialty is fish, do not forget to try it! Very close to the market is the Cathedral of San Nicolas, although on the outside it’s not very striking, you cannot miss its beautifully carved doors, describing the history of Slovenia, something truly spectacular! Its interior is also lovely, with baroque frescos and that impressive organ.

If we continue walking a little more passing the market, we will find the famous and striking Bridge of the Dragons! The bridge that will appear in almost every photo will Google searching about Ljubljana!
If you want to get away from the noise and breathe natural fresh air, Tivolli is the place to do so! A beautiful park located in the very center of the city, surrounded by the Botanical Gardens and museums.

To finish the tour around this spectacular city, what better way than to visit the alternative and peculiar neighborhood Metelkova Mesto? An old military fort turned into one of the most important cultural and artistic centers of Europe. Everything in here is artsy, from the facades of buildings, walls to the trees themselves, obviously all created with recycled items. But this place does’t end in its decoration, people here also organize activities, shows, classes and exhibitions!

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