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Mysterious Brussels

More than its beauty, Brussels outstands for four things: beer, waffles, chocolate and last but not least fries cones!!!!
I won´t say “Go here or there” and just let you explore… I wasn´t disappointed after walking all around Brussels downtown.

Belgium has three oficial languages: French, German and Dutch… However, there´s no problem at all when trying to speak in English… Don´t worry!

Brussels = Tomorrowland? Come on, we know is more than just the festival. In that time of the year, when Tomorrowland takes place, those two weeks Brussels can (and will) get a bit crazy… speacially the day before and the day after.
The rest of the year is quiet and easy, though.

This is seemed to be a city with a vast religious diversity… Churches in the historical area and mosques in the suburbs.

What to do?

Grand Place (UNESCO World Heritage Site)


Grand Place is the main tourist attraction in Brussels, considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world! It is surrounded by beautiful buildings, like the Town Hall and Breadhouse.
You can´t stop visiting during day and night, it´s something astonishing. Just take a sit, grab a beer and enjoy the view!
Every street gets you there… Little, colorful and full of charm, full of restaurants, bars, shops!

Manneken- Pis


The symbol of Brussels, representing its Independence, whose location is in the center of the historical area… a toddler making pee pee; just can´t miss it!

This little statue has more than 800 costumes to wear in different holidays and if you get there on the right day, it may be a ceremony with live music!
Surrounding Manneken-Pis is the Comic Strip Walk, where Brussels´ street art shows off. Get your phone, download the map and follow the lead!


Parc de Brussels & Royale Palace


The most significant park in the city is Parc de Brussels, a beautiful place to take a walk and enjoy sunny days.

By getting through it, you will find the Belgium Chambers on one end and the Royal Palace on the opposite.
Royal Palace is open from 21st July up to the first days of September… and it´s free! But if you weren´t lucky enough to enter, walk around and enjoy its garden and architecture. Well worth it!

Jardin du mont des arts


One of the well-known pictures of Brussels is taken from the Jardin du Mont des Arts, from the top… through its flowers with the city in the background. Lovely place, designed geometrically, full of colors, amazing view… what else?

If the day allows it, you also may see the Atomiun!

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