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Predjama Castle & Skocjan Caves

Predjama Castle


Built on the rock of the mountain itself, around the 16th century, the Predjama castle is something unique that you will surely haven’t seen elsewhere, despite seeing many photos before going isn’t until there that you realize its real height! Wow! Surrounded by stories super interesting and almost surreal, before going I recommend reading some of them to get into topic.

While inside there’s not much to see and the entrance fee is a little expensive (you can combine it with the ticket purchase for the Postjona Caves and get a discount for both), the views from the windows towards the valley are more than beautiful and interesting to see how the human workforce merges from the stone to form this amazing construction. To sum up, if you are short of time or just not that interested in entering… don’t worry, you won’t miss much! The most shocking part is to see it from the outside.

Skocjan Caves


Although unknown to the vast majority of people, Slovenia is home to the largest cave system in Europe, even declared a World Heritage Site in 1986 by UNESCO! These caves shelter ecosystems unique in the world and with great value, scientists from all over the world come to this place to study it. They call it “The Great underground Canyon” for its similarities with the one in Nevada, USA. Just imagine something like that!

SkocjanVery easy to get to, the resort has free parking at the entrance for those arriving by car. The admission costs 16 euros and the visit is made in groups (of around 20) accompanied by a guide. I recommend cheking the website (0) the schedules of the tours since according to the time of the year they may change.

Bad news though… insdie the Skocjan caves it’s not allowed to take potos or shoot videos… only those with a special permit can! This permit can be processed some weeks before.
It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, bring a coat! Since inside there’s a constant temperature of 12 degrees and high humidity!

The adventure begins with a walk along the surface of the caves until you reach the Gates along with some safety-signs of what you cannot do! Once you pass through a narrow passage, you will enter this wonderful underworld full of stalactites and stalagmites and incredible rock formations… It is said that Jules Verne was inspired by these caves for his book “Journey to the Center of the Earth”! Can you believe it? Just… no words! The more you immerse yourself in it the more you feel on another planet. I MEAN IT!

SkocjanTry not to miss this unique experience! Oh! Watch out in those hanging bridges!

For The Lord of the Rings lovers this caves will remind you much of the mines of Moria, walkways that cross the underground river, monumental rooms with all kinds of massive formations. At the end of the tour the guide will let you take some photos and to return you may take a short funicular up to the Tourist Center (Start point) or also walk along a path that will take about 25 minutes.

Don’t forget to visit the viewpoint from where you can see a beautiful waterfall and a remarkable view of this tremendous scenery!

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