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Que viva Mexico!

Mexico, a colorful and vibrant country, full of good people with incredible ancient sites, heavenly beaches and the most important thing… delicious food! Who doesn’t like Mexican food? Is there really anyone? Who does not have a Mexican restaurant near home? I do and it’s one of my favorites, although to be honest, you will not know the real Mexican food until you get there and realize the real spicyness.

Prices in Mexico are generally quite cheap, especially food, you will find many fruits, vegetables, rice, corn and avocado! Of course the cheapest places just like everywhere ese in the world are the Street stands. But … Advice: Not suitable for people with sensible stomachs. As often happens when we travel, our body is not used to certain bacteria and may cause some discomfort.


Transportation is very accessible and there are buses that connect most of the cities, however, the best way to get around if, for example, you are traveling along the Mayan Riviera is to rent a car or scooter.

The lodging options are unlimited, from luxury resorts to modest hotels to a wide variety of airbnb. Whatever your Budget is, Mexico will fit.

One of the first things that come up when we are planning our trip to Mexico is the security issue, which is not at all minor, if we are guided by news and others it can turn to an alarming the panorama, narcos, kidnappings, murders, etc. But the reality is that the country is very caring for tourists and although there may be bad people like in all parts of the world, Mexicans tend to be very hospitable people, friendly and super cheerful: My recommendation is to be careful and use common sense (at all times).


From the imposing Mayan ruins, through its leafy jungles, to the chaotic discos of Cancun, Mexico has plenty to offer.


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