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Slovenia, the jewel of the Balkans

When I started planning my trip to Slovenia, I had no idea what I was going to find, what to expect… this small country east of Europe is quite “unknown” and isn’t part of the typical touristic circuits. YET.

The more I found out the more I was surprised, as such a small place could have so many things to do, castles, canals, caves, architecture, lakes, waterfalls, fantastic beaches and even the Alps !! The list is endless!
I have read somewhere that Slovenia was the perfect combination between the best of Italy and the best of Austria: I totally agree! Cities like Piran on the Gulf coast of Trieste reminds me of countless Italian cities with their cobbled streets, in which it’s lovely to get lost onto… or the charming Ljubljana, with its imposing architecture were you can easily distinguish the influence of the Austro-Hungarian era.

Visiting Slovenia all around is relatively easy, since it is very well communicated between city and city, either by bus or by car: Mine was the second option, renting a car in Italy, where I have previously spent a few days.
The way is simple! Just follow the AutoStrade A4 practically to the border, once there… very important! A few meters you will find a booth where you must to buy the famous “vigneta”, a sticker that works as a “toll” pass for all routes and highways. The one-week pass costs 15 euros, they must stick the sticker in a visible place to avoid problems.

There are endless ways to visit this beautiful country, stay at the same point or spending the night in different villages, camping, etc. It’s up to you!
My choice was to stay in Ljubljana and from there choose different options daily, the distances are relatively close! You can go and return in the same day without doubt. Except in Piran, the so-called Slovenian Venice, which well deserves to stay a few days and relax on the beach!

The roads are excellent, very well maintained and with landscapes that just can’t stop amazing you… You will want to stop every 5km to take a photo, believe me.

Slovenia has many places to visit, but traveling to all of them wouldn’t be possible even in a whole month! When you are setting up a trip sometimes the most difficult time is to decide between one place or another, my recommendation: try not to do everything in a hurry, choose as wisely as you can and enjoy your time! There are places like Bled, which looks like it comes from a fairy tale! it’s worth spending as much time as you can, go around the lake, sail to its beautiful island, climb to each of the viewpoints or even relax on the shore and take Sun.

Another important thing is the language, although the official is Slovenian, the vast majority of people speak perfect English! I have never had any troubles at all to communicate or ask for something. It’s worthy to remark the kindness and willingness of locals! I could still keep writing about Slovenia but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here I’m leaving a list of the places I visited and some important details to keep in mind.


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