• Thailand
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    Thailand, from South to North

    Thailand is one of those countries that when you are planning a trip, in this case in to Southeast Asia, you cannot skip from the list… all the opposite! You will add to the itinerary without hesitating! Within its vast territory, has lots of attractions to offer: From beautiful and heavenly beaches, through Bangkok’s chaos to the chilling Chiang Mia up north… (not as quiet as it used to be). One of the main attractions are its beaches, choosing which to visit is also a dilemma as obviously visiting all in one trip is impossible. Nevertheless, there are some points that can help us decide: for example the season of…

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    How to make the most in 4 days in Dubai

    Road to my trip Australia, well… more than just a trip, a move in! The best flight-option I could find was to fly with Emirates Airlines making stop over in Dubai: it was going to be “only” about 10hs but then I said… why not 4 days? The price of the tickets was almost the same, opening the window to get to know a whole new country, completely misteryous until that point! To enter the UAE, some countries require a visa and depending on the nationality you can do it on arrival or you must process it online through the Emirates Airlines website. Here I leave you the link where…

  • Padova
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    Half a day in Padova

    On my last trip through northern Italy, taking advantage the max advantange of my (rented) car, decided to choose some small towns that were along the way where I could spend a few hours and get to know its key sights. This is how I got to Padova! Just 40 km from Venice, take the Autostrade A4 just straight forward… impossible to miss! As I mentioned in a previous post (Click here), the Italian motorways are well signposted. Although it doesn’t have the splendor of cities like Venice or Florence, in my opinion (and I will never get tired of repeating it) every Italian town has its own beauty and…

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    A place called Canterbury

    Canterbury is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in England, just a few miles from London and one of the most recommended daytrips! From its magnificent cathedral, declared a World Heritage Site, castles, historic streets with curious buildings to infinity of green places; the city is small, but with much to see. The easiest (and cheapest) way to get there is by bus, National Express and Easy buss are the most recommended companies with direct service every half an hour approximately; buying tickets in advance can get you a 6£ fare /way. The trip lasts a little less than 2 hours and leaves you in the very center…