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    Having Breakfast in Bali: Get ready to be impressed!

    In Bali, getting used to asian food (real asian food, not the Deli we are used to eat) it’s an experience worth mentioning! Spicyness everywhere, colors, flavours… If are you one of those who are used to have simple breakfasts with just some toasts and a cup of coffee, get ready to be impressed! If you thought you could pump up your mornings only with coffee in Bali, you are wrong… well, at least according to the balinese way: There are two main breakfast menus which are served everywhere: Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng… this is soup bowl with fried noodles (mie) or fried rice (nasi) with chicken, eggs and…

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    5 dishes you can’t miss on your trip to Thailand

    You won’t fall in love with Thailand only because of its paradisiac beaches or beautiful temples… its gastronomy will definitely steal your heart! To be hones, when I first arrived in Southeast Asia I did’t know what I was going to find, what to really expect… After reading dozens of posts about the food and all kinds of stories, recommendations, tips like: * “Don’t eat the food they sell at street stalls, you can have a baaad time!” or… * “Don’t hesitate to eat at street stalls, you will not find better food there” * “Becareful with fruits and anything that goes through tap water, it can cause stomach ache”…