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Thailand, from South to North

Thailand is one of those countries that when you are planning a trip, in this case in to Southeast Asia, you cannot skip from the list… all the opposite! You will add to the itinerary without hesitating!

Within its vast territory, has lots of attractions to offer: From beautiful and heavenly beaches, through Bangkok’s chaos to the chilling Chiang Mia up north… (not as quiet as it used to be).

One of the main attractions are its beaches, choosing which to visit is also a dilemma as obviously visiting all in one trip is impossible. Nevertheless, there are some points that can help us decide: for example the season of the year we are visiting Thailand, depending on the month we choose, some options may be more reasonable than others; therefore during August (monsoon season) the best option would be to visit the beaches in the gulf where rains less. It also depends on what type of holiday we are looking for and what do we want do… something more romantic and relaxed or party all day long? There are options for everyone!

How can I not dedicate a paragraph to the exquisite Thai food? With its different flavors and aromas, trying the food from this country is a whole experience that you are going to love! If you want to know a little more here I leave you this post where I talk about my culinary enjoyment and favorite dishes: 5 dishes you cannot miss on your trip to Thailand.

Let me tell you my experience in this amazing country.

Chiang Mai, The rose of the North

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Bangkok, The big city

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