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Visas for traveling to South East Asia

While planning your trip round Southeast Asia is mandatory to take tourist visas into consideration. No, it´s not the same in every country, actually it differs one from another, some being more “relaxed” and others more demanding.

Here´s a list of some of SEA´s countries that I have visited and what to do:


Getting your visa is a piece of pie, just get to the stand and an On Arrival visa will be given after paying around 25USD which expires in 30 days. You can apply for another month, by the way…
Only a few countries are visa-free here. For more information check in your embassy’s website.


Most of you won´t need a visa to enter Thai territory, however you are allowed to stay for 90 days as a tourist. No exeptions. Depending on your nationality you may have to get out/get in after 30 days or just enjoy the whole 90 at once.
If you are unlucky (not that much) you will have to apply On Arrival, so don´t worry.
BUT, for eg, uruguayos will have to start the paperwork and apply before leaving Uruguay.


This is one is all chill when talking about tourist visas: If you are American (whole continent, not only USA) or European, you won´t need an application and may stay in the country between 15 – 90 days depending on your nationality.


Singapur is pretty much the same situation as Malaysia!


Cambodia is demanding! Most nationalities around the world will need a visa application, however it´s On Arrival and around 30USD for 30 days.
Don´t forget to take an ID photo with you! It will be asked while applying!

BEWARE: Cambodian borders are well known for ripping off tourists that get to the country by bus. Stay alert, eyes open! EXTREMELY ALERT.

BEWARE NOT: There´s no problems while getting to Cambodia by plane.

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