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A visit to the Royal home, Windsor

I believe most of us get to Windsor thinking just in the castle, that that’s the only highlight, oh… I have never been so wrong! The town is so cheerful and lively, bars, restaurants, shopping and stores of all kinds!

Windsor The way from London is pretty simple, only 30km away, the best option is taking the train! Journey lasts around half an hour and during this time you will be able to enjoy the typical ‘postcard’ landscapes as those electric Green countryside lands, the Thames river here and there, historical towns, Little villages and even leafy forests.

Important! You have to consider this: Windsor has two train stations, ‘Windsor Central’ better know among locals as ‘Royal Station’ (lots of places are called Royal there by the way…) where trains from London Paddington and Regionals from Slough arrive. In addition there’s ‘Eton Riverside’ station receiving trains from London Waterloo and several from Regionals from the South.Windsor

The shortest trip, and of course the one I recommend, is from London Paddington! Take the train up to Slough Station (it will take no more than 20mins) and there just switch tracks to Platform 1 and catch the one heading to ‘Windsor Central’… you will be there in just 15mins.

If you prefer to take just one train, then go to Waterloo station, although the journey will take you 1 hour. The single ticket cost 8 pounds, but buying round trip is usually a little cheaper.

Windsor Castle If you are wandering in London with time to spent in a daytrip don’t you dare hire a tour! Getting to Windsor is super easy, as describe above, and once inside the castle everything is perfectly marked and signed. Even an audioguide is included while purchasing the tickets! Choose your language and carry on through this astonishing place! Get to know every single detail!

Well… the tickets are (unfortunately) expensive, was it 20£? But I promise that spending them is a super investment! There’s a plus, I guess, you can re use them and Access to the castle again! Try to get the tickets online to avoid long queues, specially during high season! You don’t need to print anything, just head to the entrance with your reservation code and tha’s it! You are IN! Castle maintenance is impecable and considering the size it well worths an entire morning!Windsor Castle

Take a peak into St. George’s Chapel… just impressive! Remains of monarchs are housed in there. Also visit Queen Anne’s Doll House, State Apartments and oh! The magical Royal Gardens! For 2 extra pounds you will enter this ‘fairy tale alike’ gardens, my god! Pure beauty! In my opinion the most beautiful place in the castle, the landscape with flowers of a thousand colors and the castle towers behind is something unique. During your tour through the castle pay attention to the works of art from famous artists like Tiziano and Rubens.St. George's Chapel

Another highlight of Windosr is the Guard Change, just like in London, (not everyday though) at 11am; if you are lucky enough you will be part of it!

Royal Guards Once you are done with the Castle take your time to walk around the city, along the Riverside a enjoy a delicious snack with those majestic views.Windsor

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