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Visiting Portugal

Portugal is still off the “mainstream touristic route” but gaining popularity year after year, its paradisiacal beaches, picturesque cities and the tempting prices (for how long?) make travelers choose this country as a new destination.

And after doing some research and getting inspiration it was impossible not to add it to my itinerary! As tiny as you may see it, Portugal has an immensity of landscapes to offer… from immense white sand beaches and its crystalline green waters, mountains, ancient castles, impeccable monuments and not to mention their delicious “Pasteis de nata”: cannot leave the country without trying them!


Although the country is well connected by public transport I believe that the best option is renting a car as gasoline is quite accessible and tolls compared to countries like Italy are affordable. If you are a big group… even cheaper while sharing expenses! Having the car gave me the freedom to stop at every beach we wanted, even the most inhospitable, to visit small towns and get to Lisbon too! Well, it´s true that having a car in those cities may be a headache, it was very difficult to find parking and the Public Parkings are quite expensive, in addition to the traffic that´s kind of chaotic. However…we are on holidays, right? Be patience and it won´t become problem, everything is going to be alright!

Through the neighborhoods of Lisbon

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