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What to do in Singapore

This Little country south of Malaysia got its independence just about 50 years ago and in that short time made giant steps ahead of its Asian neighbors: with a roadrunner alike economy growing, Singapore populated the whole island with skyscrapers, high end public transportation and top shopping malls with the best designer brands worldwide with an order and tidiness in the streets that is well worth your appreciation.

Here you will find people from all over the world at any time, it´s a cosmopolitan city with options for all.
You can speak English and be understood easily, language isn´t a problem: English is one of the official languages in Singapore.

SingaporeYou may have heard that Singapore is an expensive place; actually, the biggest expense to afford is accommodation… just like New York, pricy and tiny rooms.
However, you can get almost everywhere by feet and while walking every touristic area you will find places to eat with a wide range of prices. For e.g. 7eleven is really popular, here you can grab a snack, sandwich, hot dogs, etc for a few dollars.

There are many free things to do in Singapore, like night shows, free-admission days for museums and even free food!
Yep! Food + Free! One of the most popular places is The Buddhist Lodge kind of an “Eat what you want” where you can try typical asian dishes.

What to do?

SANDS Marina Bay


MUST! Without hesitation the most emblematic building of Singapore, this is the one that´s in every postcard. An ambitious building that has a top shopping mall where you can take a walk among high end designer brands… but also have something to eat! Don´t be scared by the fancy restaurants, the food court has accessible menus with a lot of different stands and styles to choose.

PSSST! Hey! Weather can be extremely hot and when I visited the mall complimentary bottled water was given by the customer service stands. Just ask for it!

Obviously, there´s a hotel with 2.500 rooms… bad news: The only way to get to the rooftop is by being a hotel´s guest and accommodation is, well, you know. No infinity pool or rooftop bar this time! Sorry!
On the other hand, you can visit the Casino and try your luck!

Gardens by the bay


MUST! It´s a natural reserve located just behing Marina Bay Sands and one of the top touristic attractions in Singapore. All the place is free except for the greenhouse.
The gardens are divided in concepts, for example there´s a Chinese garden, a hindu garden, Malaysian garden, fruit garden, etc.

The main attraction are the massive trees, sustainable buildings which take rain water to power is photovoltaic cells in order to give a beautiful light show during the night. You cannot miss it! Check the time schedule online.

Fort canning park


A beautiful park in the middle of the city that allows you to disconnect a little bit from the overwhelming city, get surrounded by vegetation and enjoy its green walkways. There´s an old british fort, if you are curious… nowadays an archeological area.
Watch yourselves, there are a lot of stairs and ramps so I recommend to visit the park during the morning or late in the afternoon where temperature lowers.

National Museum of Singapore


For those who want to understand and get into the history of this Young country, I recommend a visit here. The building is wonderful itself, worth a walk around and its surroundings: sculptures and great places to shoot some photos.
From 6pm the entrance is free!

Orchard road


The heart of Singapore shopping district: A fancy street where you will find everything! Designer shops, fine restaurants, luxury hotels… Even if you aren´t planning to empty your pockets you should take a look at this area, plants and trees in a mix with futuristic skyscrapers with the touch of shopping malls in every corner.

The Esplanade


A piece of architectonic jewelry, this theatre symbolizes the durian fruit, well-known in the whole Southeast Asia; in the middle of bars and restos. During the night there´s always a show to enjoy, by the way… some of them are free! Check the website!

Art and Science Museum


With the shape of a lotus flower, this beautiful building is surrounded by a pond full of real lotus flowers. Exhibitions change all the time! When I have been to the museum a Dreamworks one took place, pretty good though!
Entrance fee can be a bit pricy but you may get a discount coupon in the Marina Bay Sands.

Sentosa Island


If all you want is beach, resorts and theme parks, Singapore has it as well! Sentosa is a pretty island just off the city. Take note! Transporation to the island is free! Once there, transportation is also free!
You can stay for the night there or just go for a day tour; beach plus Universal Studios… What else?

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